Cervical Spine Chiropractic Pillow

  • $35.99

According to Karen Erickson, a chiropractor, and American Chiropractic Association spokesperson, “your neck muscles should rest at night and recover from the strain of texting, computer work, and the other forward-head position tasks we all do during the day.” 

The Cervical Spine Chiropractic Pillow helps to alleviate tension and stress, promotes relaxation, and increases healing. It does all the "heavy lifting", so your neck gets the rest it deserves!

Simply lie on the Cervical Spine Chiropractic Pillow and move gently side to side and its ergonomic support will release trigger points to reduce tension and soreness.

How does it work?

Uses your own body weight and curvature to offer cervical stimulation and tension relief. It employs the incredible combination of acupressure, occipital muscle stimulation, and cervical relaxation to instantly relieve neck pain. 
Key Features:
  • Helps to relieve neck tension and soreness: simulates acupressure techniques that release trigger knots in both neck and shoulders.
  • Improves posture: realigns the natural spinal curvature which means that the body can rediscover its correct posture over time.
  • Removes upper body stress: Reduces the weight of the head and resets the spine in a neutral natural setting which helps posture and lower back muscles
  • Increases range motion and flexibility: increases blood flow to the region, allowing the muscles to warm, resulting in a dramatic increase in the range of motion