10pcs-Electrode Pads Replacement (LARGE/SMALL)

  • $12.99

These Pads work properly with your TENS unit to help your pain and relax your muscle, shoulder, leg, knee and back.



  • Self-adhesive with hypo-allergenic gel. You do not need to apply any gel or liquid to stick the electrode pads on your skin.
  • Very soft and elastic, capable of attaching tightly to different parts of human body.

  • Due to personal hygiene reason, it is recommended that these electrode pads should be used ONLY by one person.
  • Reusable: Pad Replacement would depend upon how much you used it, but we recommend but we recommend changing them every 6 months
  • Material: Silicone Gel + White cloth.


Maintenance and Care

1.Before applying the pads, please make sure that your skin is free from sweat, dust and lotion so that the pads can stick well.

2.After usage, please cover the pads with the protective film and put them back in their zip lock bags.

3.Make sure that both pads from each lead wire are on your skin, if you only use only one pad, it can not work.